What’s the best way to prepare tea / botanicals?

The water you use is the first step to making a quality cuppa. Use filtered water please.
Boil at the required temperature for Black, Green [at 175] or Herbal
Steep tea and remove sachet. Do not over-steep or leave the sachet in your cup/tea pot as this will cause a bitter flavor. Generally steep to taste. Never use boiling water to prep Green Tea or leave your sachet inside [a big no-no]. 

Where do you sell Bushwick Tea ?

On our website and through cafes, corporate offices, restaurants and hotels.

What are the Tea Bag Sachets made of ?

Our sachets are commercially compostable and made of sugarcane. The sachets are held together with string and cotton and sealed using ultrasonic [no glue]


Why isn't your packaging color coded?

We're different. Each flavor is clearly marked. 

How does shipping work?

All website retail customers are shipped using UPS or USPS [post office]. Please make sure to enter your correct ship-to addresses

Do you sell whole leaf loose leaf tea?

We do sell loose leaf. The full range is only available alongside our sachets.  

Do you offer wholesale/bulk pricing of your teas?

Yes. Kindly contact ratesh@bushwicktea.com and remember to provide a brief of your business and tea needs.