What’s the best way to prepare tea /botanicals?

Use filtered water.
Boil at the required temperature for Black, Green [at 178] or Herbal
Steep tea and remove tea bag sachet. Do not over-steep or leave the tea-bag sachet in your cup/tea pot as this will cause a bitter flavor. Generally steep to taste. Never use boiling water to prep Green Tea or leave your bag inside [a big no-no]. 

Where do you sell Bushwick Tea?

On our website and through cafes, restaurants and hotels in the New York city area.

What are the Tea Bag Sachets made of?

Our tea bags are biodegradable and made of corn starch. Kindly add it the tea bag sachets to your food scraps, so it can be commercially composted. String and cotton


Why isn't your packaging color coded?

You don't need green tea packaging to tell you your tea is green and nor do you need a crowded tea tag. We also feel that color coding as a design is a bit boring and commercial. We've kept it black and simple with a goat hanging from your cup to remind you to keep pushing forward. 

Do you sell whole leaf loose leaf tea?

We do not sell loose leaf separately at this time. We put loose leaf inside a tea bag sachet and do this with utmost care. We use a 40% fill rate, so that the oversized bag we use, has enough room to infuse once steeped, bringing out the natural flavors of tea / botanicals.