How exciting is your tea menu? Is it too long and complicated for your baristas and customers? Can your staff deliver an exceptional experience? Is your office still stuck on dust tea?

For lower wholesale pricing for your office, cafe, coffee shop, please contact:

CEO and Founder, Ratesh : Ratesh@BushwickTea.com

Bushwick Tea's exciting story, unconventional branding, whole leaf organic tea and compostable sachets are well positioned to compliment your high quality coffee program, baked goods and drive sales.  Tea should be a forethought, not an afterthought, and as true tea and branding nerds we're excited to share our love for tea with those around us. With quality coffee stocked in offices small and large, it's only right that tea also get the much needed upgrade.

The difference?

We've taken a more scalable approach to our artisanal flavors to create a larger impact, that stretches beyond our Brooklyn local brand and in to your community coffee shop or cafe and even right in to your work place. You'll be excited to get behind an inclusive tea brand and upgrade your cafe menu or pantry offerings.  Here's how we can help excite your customers / employees:

    • ORGANIC-QUALITY: All teas are organic loose leaf sourced at origin and packed inside corn based compostable sachets, locally in Brooklyn 
    • RELIABLE LOCAL PRODUCTION: As a local tea manufacturer we control our means of production, quality and fulfillment. That's right! all compostable tea bag sachets are made in Brooklyn and shipped nationwide the same day, so you never have out-of stock issues.
    • BRANDING: We are unconventional, high quality and easy on the eyes and of course Instagram friendly. Who doesn't want to snap a goat hanging from a cup? 
    • EDUCATION: staff training and education
    • CUSTOMIZATION / PARTNERSHIP: Private Label and Co-branding partnership opportunities available for high volume customers. 
    • SUSTAINABLE FROM ALL SIDES: We aim to convert our standup packaging to a compostable option by the end of 2022, in an effort to broaden and align purpose and profit. Currently, our sachets are made of sugarcane and compostable.