What's with the Goat ?

The tenacious character of a goat has defined the Bushwick Tea Journey.

With both passion, determination and drive, we've plugged away, like our fellow New Yorkers. Like most small businesses, we're excited and accepting of the challenges. The strong proud mountain goat that's hanging on to the edge of the cliff reminds us to stay true to our passions, overcome obstacles and bring you a quality cuppa tea every time. We also love farm goats that do back-flips

Bushwick Tea is a small batch, whole-leaf tea brand from Brooklyn, New York. As a London born tea addict since childhood I've grown up on supermarket teas and biscuits. I've since discovered the world of loose leaf and been hooked on teas & tisanes, because enjoying them has been an adventure through diverse flavors, that takes you on a journey around the world.

The goal has been to elevate the tea experience by maintaining the integrity of high quality whole leaves combined with an unconventional branding experience. What's also important to me was to make tea more approachable and connect with community. This approach was only accelerated after developing the business plan at WeWork on Grande St. in NYC. 

I’ve selected and packed these teas with love, joy, taste and wellness as my guides right here in Brooklyn. Thank you for sharing this journey through tea with me.

Ratesh Chopra

CEO & Founder, Bushwick Tea