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Organic Black Tea

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We like things to be on the bold side here in Brooklyn, and like our diverse community we've got here a curated blend of black teas from India's Assam and Nilgiri region, which combine to make Brooklyn Breakfast a lush, malty and full-bodied brew with a honeyed aroma. A bit like the bold and untamed streets of Brooklyn.

I can't escape my childhood tea drinking habits. I just remembered the tea was super strong and I loved it with milk and a copious amount of english biscuits. I've gotten rid of the milk since but not the biscuits. Brooklyn Breakfast reminds me of both my childhood and when I first moved to New York in 1996 for University.  Twenty five years later, this city has toughened me up as it does to all of us, before you decide to move to the west coast to retire. 

I got my first start in business and adult life in New York city and this strong brew is homage to that. Cheers to grinding it out. 

Burnt umber, Brisk, Malty undertones

Use spring or filtered water for best results. Allow boiled water to stand for a minute then steep for 3-4 minutes or to taste. You can use a 16 oz tea pot. Remove sachet [very important]. We like it with/without organic whole milk.


Organic Assam, Nilgiri Black Tea


What is the sachet [tea bag] outer packaging made of?

Great question. We only use a NON-GMO sugarcane based compostable filter paper that is sealed ultrasonically [without glue] attached to a string and paper. This tea bag can be commercially composted. The individual wrappers have a foil barrier to retain freshness and is recyclable.


The tin can is sold empty for storing your sachets. This is an ideal option should you wish to purchase the naked bags [which is sachets in bulk without the outer wrap). You can fit anywhere from 12- 15 sachets in an 8 oz empty tin can.