Ratesh  – CEO & Founder and London born New Yorker brings no formal tea training, but a copious amount of tea drinking and biscuit dunking experience since childhood, to Bushwick Tea. His drink of choice has been a really strong Assam blend accompanied by English biscuits; which has been the inspiration behind  'Brooklyn Breakfast'. After moving to New York city in 1996 and attending Pace University, Ratesh was inspired by how tea was an after thought at most coffee shops in New York, and set out to change that many years later in 2017. With tea quality and the experience at the top of the wish list, he was bold enough to setup Bushwick Tea's manufacturing locally in Brooklyn closer to the Navy Yard.

His goal with Bushwick Tea was to break down the intimidating and complicated world of tea, through neighborhood story telling, community experiences and unconventional branding. Inspired by an image of mountain goats and the tenacity that defines them, Bushwick Tea reminds it’s drinkers to keep pushing forward and overcome obstacles with a proud goat hanging on each compostable tea sachet that is featured across the Bushwick Tea selection. 

Bushwick Tea continues to maintain the integrity of loose leaf tea and make tea fun and approachable in coffee shops, cafes and office spaces, all while keeping the quality and experience front and center. 

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