General Goods

Our official 12 oz Diner Mug is indeed the first ever tea mug for the unconventional tea drinker. It's made of stoneware and one of a kind with blemishes. It's also printed a few states away, which allows us to ship it to you with the organic whole leaf tea of your choice.

No need for fancy tea cups that are too hot to hold, the Bushwick Tea diner mug is strong like a goat and hotter that an Indian summer. If you need a post cuppa work-out you can count on these super heavy mugs for some bi-cep cuppa curls. With our text logo on one side and our goat on the other, these promise to be more precious than your Grandma's chinaware or your unopened green tea gift set from Pearl River Market. And just in case you needed more motivation to work out, these mugs are on the heavy side; so play catch at your own risk.

Front and back: Bushwick Tea logo and Goat

Style: Classic Diner Mug 

Color: ivory-ish 

Material: stoneware and each mug is one of a kind with minor blemishes

Care for the Goat: dishwasher and hand washing safe

Weight: 1 lb slightly heavy, but feels sturdy.

Pro Tip: use for coffee when you can convert 7 friends over to Bushwick Tea